Sex machine repair man

Kore cannot get her sex machine working it is totally dead. She calls the repair shop and they send a man out to do the repairs. Kore is watching and notices his tool bag is full of some extreme tools and goes off to get ready to use them. When she returns she has him use these wonderful tools on her pussy and ass and carries on to fuck the repair guy and her now repaired fucking machine.

Spanish Schoolgirl

Spanish Schoolgirl Maria Bose is too much for her tutor Richie to cope with.This curvy and promiscuous babe is all over him and rides him to a standstill

Kiss and make up

Quinn Rain and Genevieve LaFleur have been fighting and have been sent to see therapist Naia Bee. She wants them to kiss and make up but no ordinary peck on the cheek, she wants them to really kiss each other. When they go for it she is keen to join in, she just loved to sit and masturbate while she watched them go at each other and then get in between them so they could turn their attention to her.

TV repair man

Olivia Leighs TV is broken so she has the repair man in fixing it. The repair man overhears Olivia on the phone telling her girlfriend about her boyfriends small cock. Once he has the TV fixed he shows her what a big hard cock looks and feels like. He always leaves his customers happy.

Naia Bee and her stepson

Richie thought he was okay in his room watching porn on his laptop, there is nothing like having a good jerk at some hardcore stuff. Then the door opens and in steps his stepmom Naia Bee, who is shocked the most Naia or Richie? Stepmom is dressed to fuck so it seems a shame to waste Richies hardon so he puts it to good use.

The French Maid

Business man Marc is in his hotel room when the maid comes to clean the room. This is no ordinary room maid this is Saskia Squirts and she is wearing her French Maids outfit. She gives Marc more than an eyeful and its not long before she is polishing his cock for him

Sammy & her lodger

Sammy Liscious is doing a little housework and uses it as an excuse to go into her lodgers room and give him a big surprise. She suspects that he may be the proud owner of a big cock and makes a play on him. Sure enough she was dead right and whats better he uses it on her.

Playing with the stalker

Kore Goddess has a neighbour who has the hots for her. On a daily basis when she passes his house she sees the curtains twitch. Today she has decides to raise his blood pressure by parading past in some very tight clothing. When she gets home she finds it has also raised her blood pressure as well. Watch her take care of herself she is hot.

Saskia Squirts cuckold

Marc loves it when his girlfriend Saskia Quirts wants some big black cock inside her. He loves to sit and watch her enjoy herself. THey invite the Boobsncurves crew along to watch and film the action so our members could share their enjoyment. Sign up now!

Watching Sammy Liscious

New to Boobsncurves we have British hottie Sammy Liscious. She loves to suck and fuck black cock while her boyfriend sits jacks off while he watches her enjoy herself. Join Boobsncurves and you can watch the action as well

Marley da Booty

Fifty inches of prime black booty has arrived in the shape of Marley da Booty. She finds that she has a peeping tom who keeps looking through her window so she gives him something that would knock his eyes out and then invites him in for closer inspection.

A Modern Day Fairytale

The Princess is collecting wild fruit in the woods and unfortunately she loses her way. Lucky for her along comes a friendly wood cutter who takes her back to his cabin. The question is he the good woodcutter or the feared bad one who is known for fucking Princesses tight assholes? You better get a membership and see for yourself

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